SPAGTELPUTZ is Poernaka’s homemade hoTsauce obtained from peppers from HIS own garden.
His funky recipes are becoming increasingly popular and are loved by chefs from several restaurants.
after trying many recipes, there are a few favorites WHICH he WILL continue MAKING . each recipe has a different taste with A different fruit / vegetable or herb.
The bottles cost 15 euros each.
It doesn’t get more local than this (except outside OF Utrecht).
‘Wilt u iets goeds? Kies SPAGTELPUTZ !

Figs / Habanero / Secret Herbs
Preparation with roasted pumpkin

Pomegranate / Jamaican Hot Red/ Turmeric / Secret Herbs
Cucumber / Fatalii / Mint
Raspberry/ Carolina Reaper and Pineapple / Aribibi Gusano / Habanero