Multifunctional artist


Rezenne Gidey is the product of two completely different cultures, but hates them both.

He is a pure self-taught artist and has an enormous aversion towards the so-called conceptual art (and its artists). He prefers to make large paintings, but he also visits thrift stores to buy existing paintings to use those images as a base for his new works.

His collages are very hard and socially critical. These often include topics that he has often encountered and has an aversion to, such as racism and environmental pollution. His greatest hatred is that of religions. They have always been the cradle of wars and oppression



An impression of a number of paintings I have made in my career.


Harsh reality, lessons from history. 
Materials obtained from, World Press albums (1968-1975), Snoecks, Foam, National Geographic, old communist propaganda magazines etc.
Afterwards everything stitched together with yarn.


If there is news from Poernakaland, it will end up here.
That could be a new exhibition, a new etching or perhaps one of Poernaka’s actions.


SPAGTELPUTZ is Poernaka’s homemade hotsauce obtained from peppers from his own garden.