Multifunctional artist


Rezenne Gidey is the product of two completely different cultures, but hates them both. He is a pure self-taught artist and has an enormous aversion towards the so-called conceptual art (and its artists) . This is art where the stories are more important than the images and those images are mostly rubbish. That’s why we keep this introduction short.



An impression of a number of paintings I have made in my career.


Harsh reality, lessons from history. 
Materials obtained from, World Press albums (1968-1975), Snoecks, Foam, National Geographic, old communist propaganda magazines etc.
Afterwards everything stitched together with yarn.


If there is news from Poernakaland, it will end up here.
That could be a new exhibition, a new etching or perhaps one of Poernaka’s actions.


SPAGTELPUTZ is Poernaka’s homemade hotsauce obtained from peppers from his own garden.